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In the more than 20 years we’ve been in business, computer technology has changed a lot. Desktop PCs and network servers have gotten much more powerful and many companies are now issuing staff with laptop computers and tablets devices.

At Complete Computing we build, repair and upgrade computers for both home and business use and whatever your requirement we have a solution that will offer excellent value and performance.

Using only the highest quality components, we build computers from the ground up here in our workshop on Ferry Street in Maryborough.

Computer Repairs

Oftentimes when a computer is experiencing a failure of some description it’s because of a faulty component. We regularly repair faulty computer components either here in our workshop or at your place of business.

On site hardware and software support is a hugely valuable service that offers your business the peace of mind that you will never find yourself in a bad situation due to a systems failure.

Computer Upgrades

Is your computer running much slower than it used to?

Rather than throwing it out and buying a new one, it may be possible for us to upgrade key components which will extend the life cycle of your computer.

Talk to us today about the issues you’re experiencing and let us make a recommendation based on our experience and knowledge.

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The network has become the central nervous system that powers communications and productivity in all businesses today.

We understand that most business networks have evolved over time as new hardware has been added in phased investments. We recognise that most businesses will have hardware from a wide range of technology suppliers and we thrive in this environment.

Complete Computing has the knowledge and expertise to consult, recommend and then implement a solution that is perfect for your unique business requirements.

We have created solutions for organisations that needed Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks and Virtual Private Networks, so no matter how big or small your company we can help you.

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There are many serious threats to the information that resides on your IT systems and servers. The most common of these are:

  • Computer Hackers
  • Viruses,  Trojan Horses & Worms
  • SPAM
  • Data Interception & Data Theft
  • Spyware & Malware

All businesses must devise a set of security policies for their networks to protect against and prevent these threats.

Complete Computing will create a security plan for your network that will protect your core network and data from external and internal threats.

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Unfortunately threats to your business’ systems are plentiful. Flooding, fire, hardware failure and human factors such as human error that allows your network to be compromised by a virus, or disgruntled employees are all potential dangers to your data and the ability of your company to operate.

Backing up data is an absolute must and having systems in place that automatically take care of this for your organisation is critical.

We can design a backup plan best suited to your existing systems, vastly reducing downtime in the event of disaster.

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